Wanted: Local Employers

Oldsmar Works is a service that connects Oldsmar residents who are looking for a job with local businesses looking for workers.

There are many people in our community that are motivated and skilled or ready and willing to be trained, who simply need an opportunity. For those people, a job is the difference between stability and homelessness.

Obviously, businesses need to hire the candidate that is most qualified for the job, but all things being equal there are several advantages to hiring locally.

Benefits of hiring local workers to businesses:

  • Workers who live nearby tend to be more reliable and are more likely to stay in their job.
  • Ensures that tax dollars are invested back into the local economy
  • Reduces the environmental impact of commuting
  • Fosters community involvement

How can you help?

Here are a few ways:

  • Notify us about available jobs at your business
  • Become a mentor to a job seeker
  • Assist with training workshops or other skill enhancement exercises
  • Tell other business owners about OldsmarWorks and help us build a strong community network

If you are interested in supporting the OldsmarWorks initiative, please contact us.

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